Wind Technique Beatbox – Japanese Version

My name is HIKAKIN.
I’m 22 years old japanese.
I have been beatboxing for about ten years.
I would love to entertain people all over the world with my beatboxing.

31 comments to “Wind Technique Beatbox – Japanese Version”
  1. You’re right, but you didn’t read my reply correctly 🙂 “4 is said “shi”
    when used to count” is what I said, to say it differently : the Japanese
    don’t use “yon” a lot when they count, they say “ichi ni san shi go roku
    shichi hachi etc..” ^^

    • +Get-rekt!789 Then you have no idea about beat box culture because if you
      had even the slightest you’d know this was very well done.


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