30 comments to “TOKYO TOWER”
  1. @Druxez well, you’ve never been there.. Believe me you have much more
    freedom in America and Europe than in Japanese.. the culture (mostly
    traditional) can be very depressing when you first time visit it, but you
    have to accept the differences then you’ll understand it 😛

  2. スカイツリーより、東京タワーの方が展望台だよね♪( ´θ`)ノ スカイツリーはTVで見たけど、高くてよくわかんない

  3. No he is not in France and that is not the Eiffel Tower.If you pause at
    1:22 you can see that it says Tokyo Tower on the box display so think
    before you speak.

  4. Lmao, you really are stupid. Google “Tokyo Tower” then “Eiffel Tower” then
    hang your head in shame.


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