30 comments to “Tokyo Illumination”
  1. Scores tally: Japan:573 America:10 ….O.o can you come to america and
    kidnap me please…? i swear i don’t bite ;3 [no, jk jk. but ima totally
    live in japan someday >:)]

  2. That. was. amazing!!! Dude i wish i could go see that in person-_- plus
    it’d be EPIC to hang out with Hikakin for a day. The guy is awesome:P

  3. Sooooo pretty!!!!!! I wish I could see it live! It sounds like there are a
    ton of people in the background.

  4. In Chicago all we get is a giant tree ( that is now shorter every year due
    to budget cuts) but in Tokyo you get an amazing light show. want to move to
    japan for a while.

  5. woooouuuu ~ it’s really amazing, I like it is beautiful, I want to be there.


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