30 comments to “TOKYO DRIVE”
  1. his friend or brother. Hikakin is holding the camera. He’s on the left
    side, and in Japan the wheel is on the right.

  2. At first I was like it can’t be safe to make a video while driving! Then I
    remembered that the wheel is on the left. *facepalm*

  3. does anyone else want to go on a road trip with hikakin so u can listen to
    him beat boxing while driving??? or is it just me

  4. Tokyo High speed way じゃなくてMetropolitan Expresswayが正式ですよ。
    そもそもSpeed way というのはレース等で用いられる、楕円形のトラックを指します。
    Tokyo sea ではなくTokyo bay が正式です。


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