30 comments to “The Most Amazing Beatbox Girl”
  1. No es real porque al mover tu boca de es manera tus mejillas se mueven
    tambien aparte al ultimo se ve que lo hace un hombre no ella….

  2. I check the comments to see if there are anything about the girl but Nope,
    just dumbasses saying “Fake”. These fuckin weeaboos

  3. Hahhahahahha Its Fake
    Your just pretending!!!!!
    Not cool girl shes like a boy

  4. (*`Ω´*)v(-_-)(;一_一)(-.-)(ー_ー)!!(。-_-。)(;`O´)oヽ(≧Д≦)ノ(*≧m≦*)(*≧m≦*)(*≧m≦*)(
    *≧m≦*)( ・_・)(=_=)(`Δ´)!(`Δ´)!(`Δ´)!(`Δ´)!(`Δ´)!NO

  5. I wish i’d live in the would where i wouldn’t have to point obvious –
    around 0:30 it’s becomes pretty fucking obvious it isn’t her. Beats go on
    and her lips don’t move so they are giving it away, which means it’s a
    joke. Man, world we live in.

  6. Why are idiots a thing. It’s obvious it’s fake. Not only do you go and post
    dumb shit like “Eww this is so fake” you skip over the other comments where
    people say its not. Also, you fail to realize that a million other people
    said the same shit already and were told NO FUCKING SHIT!

    Lol enjoy your day.


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