Thank you for 100000 Subscribers! & “HIKAKIN” Came Back!!!

Thank you all for helping me reach 100,000 subscribers!!
I will keep make more cool videos, so it will be amazing if you guys will support my channel and me.
I actually want to inform me rechanging my name to HIKAKIN from Hikaru Kaihatsu since it did not work out well. Sorry it’s confusing. But, again, thanks so much for your support and, please support me now on as well.

30 comments to “Thank you for 100000 Subscribers! & “HIKAKIN” Came Back!!!”
  1. the fact he can speak 2 different languages is pretty awesome so fuck you
    guys bagging his english!

  2. 今はもうチャンネル登録者100万人超えてるチャンネルが2つあるのはやばいです!さすがです!


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