29 comments to “Tapioca Milk Tea From Family Mart”
  1. @VaiDarMerdaVlog indeed, i’m brazillian and it is sold here and made with
    some flour among other stuff, it can be sweet, but it is usually not.

  2. @VaiDarMerdaVlog It’s not only brazilian now. It’s cooked worldwide and in
    most of the asian countries. Plus, the origin of Tapioca is not only
    brazilian too. It’s also from Colombia and other nearby countries.

  3. @VaiDarMerdaVlog tapioca he mentions is this ball. they call it pearls
    really chewy. It tastes real good in milk teas look up a video of tapioca

  4. The liquid he’s drinking is the milk tea, there are gooey balls in the
    drink that people call “tapioca” (or boba or bubble)


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