30 comments to “Special Magic!”
  1. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m just saying, people point out mistakes in
    his english: that’s why he stopped speaking in english for a while.

  2. People who pointed out his errors, are intolerant. They don’t understand
    how difficult it is learning a new language. 😐

  3. yeah, and it’s specially difficult for asians to learn english, I mean,
    some of them can understand it, but it’s not easy to pronounce it right

  4. lol, i’ve seen many people perform with different styles, be it serious or
    humorous… but! Hikakin is so unique, he sings darken heavy metal when he
    performs magic! LOL

  5. there’s a clear string on the card at the ends of the card,so when you put
    that small dollar on it and bend the card the string stays in the position
    and the money appears to float.

  6. No, there are strings on the card that allow the card to float. The strings
    go from the top of the card to the bottom. That’s why on the first try,
    when the card was positioned like that, it didn’t work. He had to
    reposition it. I saw one of these already.

  7. Press 1 for spicel magic time . press 2 to see the card . press 3 to see
    the paper money . press 4 to see if its bary normal . press 5 for evil
    laugh. Press 6 to see the Hikakin shit.


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