30 comments to “ROCKST★R”
  1. これ飲んだけど、まずかった。 ばばあの。かほりがした。 あくまで、個人的にっす

  2. Try Nos! Lol it’s so bad for you but so good! And I was almost expecting
    you to start singing “black and yellow”.

  3. Subtitles: Bunbuh hello yutub i am sleeping yeh HAOEWAR, don worry i haf
    sockstar mm lockstar is enarji drink from usa yäh n’japan is in japan eh
    this noverdie ideum yeah fast time drink yeah drinkie fast tiem IDAGIVAS

  4. look how happy he is with his assessment of the drink summarised in “88
    points”, he couldn’t be more pleased.


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