30 comments to “Reeps One Shout Out To Hikakin Beatbox TV”
  1. actually reeps one does a lot of different styles, but dubstep is his most
    common one, to say hes a dubstep beatboxer kinda belittles his crazy dnb,
    house, and rave routines 😛

  2. Just because he says he does Dubstep does not mean he only do Dubstep tho.
    Neither with Electronic. He speaks electronic music.

  3. He’s so much better than Hikakin! SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! OMG

  4. Technically yes 😀 I do beatbox everyday but im not on reeps one’s level
    yet but I understand how the sounds and techniques they do work, and what
    reeps does is much more advanced than Hikakin.

  5. Not really, reeps one does lots of different stuff but he just seems to
    dubstep remix it is all but lots of his beats arent dubstep.(btw it may
    only seem like hikakin has a wider variety but thats just because hes doing
    covers, in his freestyles he’ll be doing dubstep or other basic beats you
    learn in the beginning of beatbox tutorials just with a little twist)


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