30 comments to “PRESENT”
  1. puresento moratyatta! yay! hmm rayban wa tyotto tittyai kamo… XD t-shirt
    is nice and ettoman is very good too, no wonder he got in the best 16s..
    too bad Hikakin didn’t participate… =(

  2. @naruto121897 I’m not a native Japanese speaker and I forgot lots of things
    because I don’t use it fro a long time but basically he went to a beatbox
    championship, got some presents told us to check yuya’s and daiki’s
    channel, the rayban he got was the same model as the one he had with
    different colours, but as his face is huge the new one doesn’t fit
    properly, from the side it looks cool but when he faces you it looks small
    and when he smiles it looks funny, he got the shirt as well…

  3. umm.. Daiki and Yuya whether it’s the same person? or they were twins? wow
    they are young and talented. hahaha but I still prefer the Hikakin course.

  4. a simple request please beatbox / dubstep “beethovens 5th symphony” or at
    least a portion of it


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