30 comments to “ORANGE from Nagasaki”
  1. press 0 for prglllgrrr… sound press 1 for “tuhandled” so cute :x, i like
    you, hikakin, cause u are “s-less” press 2 for “adasaki” press 3 for “size,
    size, size, size” press 4 for a unique orange-o-mandarin’s cleaning press 5
    for crrrcrrr crrr press 6 for orgasm press 7 for thumbs up + 100 POINTS
    press 8 for police car alarm (hiuuu..) press 9 for almost falled down :)) u
    are the best HIKAKIN

  2. hello i was wondering if there was a way to hach facebook sloto mani so i
    can get more coins,, anything you can do whould b very appreciatable,,,

  3. عندهم يوسف في اليابان . شيء جميل على بالي انها فقط في بيئة البحر المتوسط .


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