30 comments to “Night Cruz Riddim”
  1. Did anyone besides me see his desktop screensaver!!! Some girl laying on
    her stomach woo woo Hikakin has a GF 😀

  2. what this video is about in english: – hikakin is getting really tired
    recently. “really think i should go for a massage sometime…” –
    introducing the CD (¥999) that hikakin resisted ramen for two days to save
    up for. it’s a japanese reggae compilation where artists have used the same
    backing track to make their own songs. “everyone’s personality comes out
    and it’s really interesting. when you hear it, you think ‘uwa, this
    person’s really good’.” hope this helps, haha 🙂

  3. ドミノカットってパイプカットみたいに言うなw あとD.Oって誰やぁw 中学から聞いててとか紹介するもいいが詰めが甘いぞー!

  4. الاخ الطيب فرحان بوجه هههههههه كل حلقة يأشر و يلعب بزغوده :p افرحبها
    افرحبها قبل التجاعيد هههههههه


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