30 comments to “NEW HIKAKIN BEATBOX TV”
  1. @jeremyzipzer Is that wrong? What’s with kids always saying “smh” ? It’s
    something everyone there is accustomed to doing basically, just as we are
    accustomed to using lame acronyms or “internet slang” for everything.

  2. grab a song in Spanish please I’m from chile but some English so here I am
    from Santiago grabs a beatbox in Spanish, thanks” ase una cancion en
    español porfavor yo soy de chile pero se un poco de ingles soy de santiago
    asique ase un beatbox en español , gracias’

  3. When he gives the thumbs up at the end of his videos, you know everything
    is going to be alright.

  4. Can someone direct me to a video that shows how to do the sound on 0:16? Or
    just post a video response

  5. You laugh at his hands He laugh’s at your beatbox You laugh at his bige
    news,slachaha He laugh’s at your Japanese


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