29 comments to “My Beatbox Showcased on MYISH”
  1. Hikakin Shouts out to myISH. Show him some love and subscribe to him too.
    Check out his new Youtube video.

  2. you dont have to try be the best of speaking english i think your just
    perfect as the way you are. you dont have listen all the idiots of youtube
    who says your english sucks or something like that.im from finland im not
    so good as somebody think im at english but i still understand as well
    anybody else. keep on doing these awesome videos and dont mind of what
    everybody says :))

  3. Why not speak Japanese and add English subtitles for us dummies that don’t
    know it? :3 whatever makes you comfortable

  4. He speaks english in a lot of his videos. Speaking is a way of learning and
    keeping the skills. He is with a lot of people from othe countries. If he
    speaks english or japanese people will complain either way.

  5. I think it’s cool that he even speaks english especially because I’m sure
    half of the people that complain about his english don’t even speak another
    language. I think his English is perfectly understandable and pretty good.
    Just shut up and enjoy the beatboxing!

  6. 発音くそとか言ってる人いるけど あなたたちは完璧に話せますかね? そうやってバカにしたらだめですよ


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