32 comments to “Muscle Project!”
  1. im just saying that 14 year olds weigh nothing near 45 they weigh more like
    100 BUT i agree with your statement also kids are alot more active than

  2. Your average teen from 13 to 18 weighs from 110 punds to 160 pounds
    depending on hight and how active you are. if he were to weigh 45 pounds he
    would eather be bulimic/anorexic or about 5-6 years old.

  3. Boy…. you are nothing special you think you are all tough when your
    nothing im 15. My bro joined the marines and when i went to visit him on
    parris island for is graduation he made me do at least 6 push-ups with a 60
    pound back pack on my back?! And i can do over 70 push-ups with nothing on
    my back? And further more you sound like a 10 year old? And you sound like
    your challenging people? Well that’s all i have to say.

  4. hey shut ur fucking mouth i am the same age as u and i am a girl!!! i can
    do more than him but thts cuz i fucking train!!! training isnt his thing
    beat boxing is his thing and he isnt making fun of u for not being able to
    beat box as good as him!!!

  5. You’re great. I love your videos. You’re brilliant…but you have way too
    much time on your hands xD


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