30 comments to “milka chocolate”
  1. Is this easy to find in japan? Cuz I thought of bringing Milka chocolate
    from germany when I go to japan, but if you can easyly buy it there it
    doesn’t really make sence to bring it…

  2. Mirukaa!!! Hahahaha hikakin is hillarious! His face, the translation and
    accent. Im laughing haard! Im from indonesia, they didnt sell milka
    chocolates here, but lucky for me i travel to singapore a lot… And do you
    know where can you find milka chocolates? The duty free shop in the
    airports! 🙂

  3. ここのチョコは俺もよく食べますよ しっかりとしたミルク味がいいですよね でも日本のチョコレートの味が一番うまいと感じるのは俺だけですかね?

  4. So happy he loves Milka xD It’s my favorite chocolate! also around 1:54 he
    sounds like he moans for just a second. Enjoying that Milka, eh?


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