44 comments to “MAGIC !?”
  1. Find it funny how people say that he has crappy English.
    You have to think.
    He’s from a foreign country (Japan), probably doesn’t speak English often,
    and could be self taught. Which self-taught is harder then taking a
    class/having a tutor teach you depending.
    Plus, English is a hard language to learn, and at least he is able to talk
    and be understood easily. All he needs is practice, and work a little bit
    on his grammar.
    At least his English is better then my German.:/

  2. This is what i want to comment, so it is in english. Not the best, but i do
    like that, I ate that before, My sister loves buying snacks from the dollar
    shop and I also had it before. It is VERY sweet and sour I couldn’t eat it
    very fast.
    えっと、次は Hikakinにです。 やっぱりそうんな水がつくと色が変わることあるじゃないか

  3. You should make one of these English videos one in a while.
    I’d like to know more about Japanese food/pop culture.


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