30 comments to “Japanese Michael Jackson !?”
  1. Hmm too soft for my taste. I’d rather have me some “the Birthday”.
    Especially their song Wolf’s throat 😀

  2. I love Jin Akanishi! Too bad he left KAT-TUN! Atleast he is happy making
    songs in America and is going to be in the movie 47 Ronin!

  3. I think that Michael Jackson is much better than Akanishi Jin:(

  4. omg, wouldn’t it be amazing if Hikakin collaborates with KAT-TUN’s
    Nakamaru? It’d be like two of the most amazing Japanese beatboxers. *___* ♥

  5. … Jin Akanishi do Rn’B Michael Jackson sing the pop-rock… I think this
    is not the same things.

  6. hmm,His Fashion islike MJ, but his music..hmm..more like Usher ? to name
    one I guess. I think he is a great combination of all he looks up to ,I’m
    sure. Great music : )


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