30 comments to “I’m Sorry…”
  1. Hikakin, is it difficult to speak english, i ask YOU, because you are a
    japanese, i know, japnanes is for me, a europan also hard to learn… 😀

  2. Haha, this is adorable. I love how he says so much in Japanese, talking so
    fast and easily (of course), then when he switches to English it’s all
    pauses and like 6 words. xD So cute~ Still, I’m not one to talk as I’m
    monolingual. OTL

  3. Such…….. Cute…… English…. *-* I don’t know why, but I always look
    forward to him speaking English :’D

  4. Japanese truly are awesome when they are in the element, such as their
    speaking. THEY HAVE SUCH AWESOME VOIcES FOR ANIME!!! And so on…

  5. this may be an old video but ur English is improving well, i love tokyo and
    stuff but the language is hard to learn cuz its fast, just sayin


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