30 comments to “I Move Out !”
  1. 彼は、あなたの家がビデオを燃やしていることを知ることが可能であることによって、死んで、そして我々に私がそれが美しいであろうことを知っていることがどのようであるか示すでしょう

  2. Me: I understood about 10% of what he said! I’m so happy. Friend: I’m
    japanese. I understood all of it. Me:… DAMMIT!

  3. I can translate almost all but not all sorry, but here it goes: “Hi again,
    after a while. I’m moving out from this room, but this is good because (can
    understand) please. Eh… I’m moving out in one week, ahh bye bye, its for
    years since we moved here, ahh , what a sadness right?, but, this material,
    after being around all the world, it belongs to this room.. (cant
    understand again). BUT, ehh.. i think that my next place its gonna be good
    too, and its gonna be preety beautiful. Soo. bye :D”

  4. Hikakin you are running out of ideas and day by day my beatboxing is
    increasing in skill level, watch ya back, aye?

  5. why are you doing these daft videos.. for gods sake wheres he beatboxing..
    no one really care if u left your room.. we just wana hear the beatboxing.


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