How To Beatbox – Crab Scratch
My name is HIKAKIN.
I’m a Japanese Beatboxer.

32 comments to “How To Beatbox – Crab Scratch”
  1. ey man your great beatboxer i like your videos but i cant read the
    translation with that lit picture of yours either than that, your cool :)

  2. I can’t understand a thing in Japanese, but this is the best tutorial I’ve
    seen on the Crab Scratch. ;D

  3. How do you do the other sounds with the crab scratch? ‘Cause I’m kind of
    having a hard time because my hand is in the way

  4. Why is the title English but he’s speaking Asian. I know they can English
    dub this, I read magna.

  5. HIKAKIN please make more videos on beatboxing. Dubstep, ROBOT, cymbal, bass
    etc. Love your examples and videos


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