30 comments to “HIKAKIN’s NEW HOME”
  1. That is a pretty awesome light fixture. And to the person who mentioned
    replacement bulbs, LED’s are not only cheap, but extremely easy to replace,
    considering they’re a solid bit of plastic with two wires sticking out of
    them. 😛

  2. Lol yay!! New apartment and the light is so cool and I only knew like half
    of the stuff he was saying lol I need to learn more Japanese !! xD

  3. @MSTRJD1 english is the second language of our country and required to
    learn in middle school afterward its not required and since many japanese
    dont hear english spoken alot they dont get the pronuciations for english
    and most just stop speaking/ learning it after middle school

  4. Hikakinこんにちは、私はこのビデオのために少し遅れて私はそれが移動したどのようにクールだと思ったが、私は530円を獲得し、私は移動するには節約している、私はあなたのように涼しい家を得ることを願って

  5. i never know what he is saying but i always watch his videos to the end and
    like it anywya :P, and check me out to people

  6. @Billy BobJoe shut the fuck up he is not gonna even reply your comment so
    why are you fuckin introducing yourself dumbass fuckin hoe


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