30 comments to “HIKAKIN × RunnyRunny999”
  1. @shomazta LOL, I know. I just didnt like how peope kept poking fun at his
    english. I was kinda trying to explain that english is a hard language to
    learn for alot of ESL people, and that making fun of them for not getting
    it right is detrimental to their learning. I stopped trying to speak french
    because I was afraid of pronouncing things wrong etc, so I forgot how to
    speak it :< I used to be able to hold up a pretty decent convesation.

  2. you laugh at his english he laughs at your beatboxing deal with it plus you
    can turn subs on if it is sooo hard to understand 36 seconds

  3. @natinusala dude you’re retarded xo it’s good he tries to speak english,
    and you can perfectly understand him xo douche

  4. “Hello Youtube. I’ve collaborated with another Youtuber called
    Runnyrunny999. He posts cooking tutorials on his channel, so check him out
    and subscribe.”

  5. I colorado with another youtuba he bust cooking good tridials on his
    channel so, jeck him out and subscribe runnyrunny999 (beatboxing)
    runnyrunnyth 999 (beatboxing) (smiley face :D)

  6. He speaks better English than a lot of ebonic/english trashing idiots. Id
    like the people below try and speak Japanese. Now THAT would be funny 😉


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