HIKAKIN × Kentaro Takatsuka

His Channel→http://www.youtube.com/user/tarokeni


Let me play along the beat
and make it something more than neat.
You got a full drum set inside your cheeks.
I wanna make this one a good remix.

We never know how you make those crazy sounds.
Haters gonna hate but they don’t know what to criticize.
Red lines minimize. Green lines maximize.
Whatever. I’m not a rapper. So let me play my guitar.

Jamming over night.
Singing over night.
Jamming over night.
Singing over night.

31 comments to “HIKAKIN × Kentaro Takatsuka”
  1. これめっちゃいやされる(^Д^) ↓うちほんまにRADWIMPSが好きだけえゆうんだけどにとるとおもわんな←


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