Hikakin & Daichi Beatbox Live! ダイチと初ライブ!

「Beat Magic」
■日程: 2012年7月2日(月)
■時間: 開場 19:00 / 開演 19:30
■会場: 表参道GROUND ( http://www.omotesando-ground.jp/ )
■チケット料金: 前売 ¥3,000 / 当日 ¥3,500 (税込・整理番号順入場・ドリンク代別途必要)
■チケット発売中:ローソンチケット 0570-084-003【Lコード:71537】 / http://l-tike.com/
■問い合わせ: 表参道GROUND 03-5772-8566 (平日11:00~18:00)

30 comments to “Hikakin & Daichi Beatbox Live! ダイチと初ライブ!”
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    wtf do i need to do in the shitty states of america… and japanese people
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    wtf did you think it was? a microwave brand? LOL

  2. No one gives a shit about your petty problems with his wording. He’s saying
    that guy wanted everyone to speak the language that HE speaks. That’s what
    he meant by “Their language”. He wasn’t talking about where the language
    originated from.

  3. Yes it is. But it’s also annoying to be grouped with the dumb ones as if
    everyone in America is that way. There are plenty of good people in
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  4. IKR? it’s the hardest language to learn, so we would do people a big favour
    by learning theirs P.S i don’t like Ameri-c**ts

  5. 1. right click video screen 2. click “stop download’ 3. see the snot in his
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  6. actualy thats not snot xD in his right nostril you see the same thing, its
    the bone inbetween your nostrils but because of the light its very
    brightened xD

  7. yeah eh… no xD i dont know anybody who speaks latin. I cant even speak it
    myself, english is still a universal language but people dont have to learn
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  8. Thats because Latin is a dead language. But it is the basis to pretty much
    the majority of all our planets languages. All I am saying is if we were
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  9. Ooooooh they want us to? oh my bad, hikakin, i guess its back to school for
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  10. … i already know english, i said not everybody needs to LEARN it, not
    nobody is allowed to speak it, now stfu emo shit.


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