30 comments to “HIKAKIN BEATBOX – GAZELLE AWARD 2011”
  1. @MeZoGazi i’m pretty sure photographers often walk like that in order to
    move to a better spot from which to shoot. it’s out of courtesy that he
    crouched, so that the others around him could see.

  2. My Friend: Now I know the best beatboxer ! 😉 Me: Who is it? My Friend: It
    is Alberto Me: No, sure not. Then i showed him this Video My Friend: OMG !
    You were right….I didnt know the best…..Now I know the Best!

  3. The 3 steps to become like HIKAKIN: 1. Become Asian 2. Practice allot 3.
    Repeat step 1 & 2. 4. Repeat step 3.


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