30 comments to “Give me more time to practice! (Nyan cat beatbox)”
  1. The whole “stupid Americans” comment makes you sound pretty damn ignorant.
    And implys you’re just flat out unintelligent. But I agree with the last
    part of your comment.

  2. wow… kudos to Hikakin and others who are bilingual. in my case
    quadriniple-lingual xD well, english,spanish,swedish, and ESL. working on
    french!! 😀

  3. Umm, i’m not japanese and i think they’re awesome so Stfu please. You’re
    just jealouse you can’t beatbox as well as he.

  4. not all americans are stupid 🙁 i can only speak english, and i would love
    to learn japanese, or chinese, or even korean, i think it’s really cool to
    learn what others are saying instead of having them learn to speak english

  5. Yeah, his English is great actually. It’s not Japan’s fault that English
    has so much pronunciation in every word. We have like 10,000 times more
    than they do in Japanese. I’m full on American and can only actually speak
    English, but I have to say Japanese is an awesome language. Studied some of
    it, but lost my ambitions when I got to Kanji… XD

  6. why the fuck would we want to learn another language when its not needed
    and a majority of the world speaks english? people would be stupid to do
    so. everybody should speak english. ~KeyboardVigilante making people less

  7. Come on, why is it that all ignorance on the internet is blamed on
    Americans. I personally believe that stupidity should be blamed on the
    people that spout it. Not an entire country consisting of more than that
    one group of people. Yes, I’m American, but I can speak/read English and
    Japanese. Astonishing, I know.


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