34 comments to “Dubstep Beatbox New Sound”
  1. 0:33 how does he do that exactly I can’t seem to get it down anyone know a
    tutorial i can head too to learn this

  2. mate its so easy…………. just blow raspberries with high pitch voice
    through then learn how to control your lips better

  3. you litterally just taught me how to do this… :0 like my voice kept
    cracking when i tried it before but now i can do it fine xD youre magic bro

  4. ha thanks man, glad i helped. i find that a lot of beatbox tutorials could
    be made a lot clearer maybe ill make a couple aint dont videos in time

  5. ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over youtube
    / so he can take over and remove Googlepieceofshit+

    • So you do the lip ossiclation and then you just saw veeeeeeeew with like a
      low pitched voice and make it a little squeaky you know. and there you I go.
      I did the lip oscillation when I was pretty young , and sometimes I just
      did that noise that he did in the video. what do you know , kids can be
      talented lol ^^


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