29 comments to “Crazy Man “Mahoto Sashiman””
  1. @izzylife93 Why would saying someone else’s religion is bad rudely make any
    difference in another place or to their face. Why is there an implied
    threat behind this suggestion? Violence over free speech? People like you
    make my sick, go slit.

  2. 私はそれを得ることはありません……私は唯一のGoogle翻訳を使用してこれを行う日本人ではない….私は大ファン(とビートボクサー);)また、あなたはいくつかの曲が表示されます私のチャンネルをチェックアウトだから何かを書いてください…

  3. you have to wonder why the world hate americans because they cant stop
    being racist for a moment and has to talk shit about other cultures.


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