47 comments to “Cracking World Record !?”
  1. Every time I close my fist tight a few knuckles on each hand crack, and to
    begin with I get 56 cracks in 10 seconds but is hard to keep that pace up
    with the tiredness and pain that my hands feel so can probably manage
    300-400 per minute.

  2. when you start cracking your neck i literally thought you were trying to
    break your neck or you were having a secure O_O and why even make this lol

  3. Wow I can crack my fingers and stuff to but not like that and I can keep
    cracking 1 of my toes and it is weird

  4. I can crack my wrists, my big toes and my ankles as many times as I want, I
    think I can beat the world record lol (it hurts more every time though)

  5. I can crack all these same places and then some… I can pop my thumb 3
    times each time I have a “full set” of joints ready to be popped… I can
    even crack my nose 3 ways anytime I do my neck I get more than 4 everytime
    and they’re super deep and loud lol I sound like a machine gun when I start


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