30 comments to “Choco au lait”
  1. Haha, this is the first weird video I see about Hikakin, it made me laugh,
    so it’s ok xD. *First taste reaction* OMG THIS IS AWESOMELY
    AMAZINGLYGREAT!!!! IT TATSTES SO GOOD!!! but… cafe au lait is better.
    This the sum of the video xD

  2. @ngkien1530 I was about to give u a lil explanation about it, but I think
    its better if u read this article: Japanese_honorifics on the wikipedia.

  3. @RedSun2496 The Japanese alphabet doesn’t have a V so V is replaced with B.
    Therefore saying something with a V is somewhat hard for a Japanese person
    as it easily turns into a B. :’>


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