28 comments to “Charity Concert Report”
  1. 良い話ですね。コンサート行きたかったです。 ウチの息子も泣くんだろうなぁ…。 HIKAKINさんは偉大です(o^^o)

  2. @NarutoRocks2011 It’s hard to take some one seriously when their name is
    NarutoRocks. Fuckin’ faggot.

  3. うへぇ〜!!!すげぇ!おつかれさまです。そしておめでとうございます!!!

  4. I want to go to japan and be friends with HIKAKIN, and he would teach me
    japanese! thats a nice dream, will never happen

  5. @ProgThrashDeathCore He’s a beatboxer, that’s why he can do those awesome
    sounds! Check out his beatboxing on his official channel.

  6. نقدر المحاولات صراحة لكن يا ادمي ما تعرف تتكلم انجليزي 🙂 تكلم بالياباني
    افضل .


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