30 comments to “CALPIS ICE”
  1. he says: I bought a lot snacks but today its this calpis icecream. This is
    my face from sleeping in the train until just before, today im actually
    wearing make up, but maybe you cant see it. then he whispers he’s tired.
    Then he says that he went to eat pasta for dinner and drank a little
    alcohol too. He starts eating the ice cream and says: it’s soft, like
    cream, like cheese, like cream cheese.how much did it cost? i dont know how
    much it costed. it wasnt written but he bought it anyway.

  2. he looks so cute while he’s eating the ice *.* now i want to eat ice cream
    too and it’s around -20 degree outside XD

  3. at first im like “gosh!!! he’s chewing that ice with his teeth!!” then im
    like “gosh!! Its cream!!!”

  4. 良いビデオ仲間とスティッククリームチーズは、それはお願いしようとする私を思い出させる Hikakin

  5. I wish someone like you would go on every single one of his videos and do
    this. I cant understand anything he says but for some reason I keep
    clicking on his videos…. haha


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