30 comments to “BIG COFFEE JELLY”
  1. Can you send some to Florida for me? Thanks buddyyyyyy!!! <3 <3 <3 Love
    love loooooooove you!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. just because you did so many cool ass beatboxes doesnt mean you have to
    fuck it off by doing all this shit.

  3. haha I am not whining I’m glad I was born in America but for me, I am
    surrounded by well, America! you how ever are surrounded by many different
    countries because you live in Germany and I can’t really go to many
    countries because that costs alot of money. ESPECIALLY to go to Asia.

  4. he must have alot of sunglasses and shades cause nearly every video he is
    wearing a different pair ^ . ^

  5. 不間斷的拍框 !!! ノンストップのビート ボックス ! Nonstop Beat Feld!!! Không ngừng đánh bại hộp!
    논 스톱 비트 박스!

  6. 編集で 3~5秒で区切りをいれてない時だね。 いまの編集区切りスタイルが いかに見やすいか。 ながしっぱなしだとおもしろくないね


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