30 comments to “Amazing Lychee Juice”
  1. goddamit hikakin stop being such a one trick pony, you don’t HAVE to put in
    the rewind noise in every vid… 1:54, and you don’t have to use your “high
    pitch” noise all the time since it sounds awful. Just a tip

  2. @PokemonTCG09 everytime he makes it i just want to punch him in the face
    for being a cheap ass one trick pony who is also patethic

  3. Don’t listen to the haters. They are just pathetic people who have nothing
    better to do but to troll on people’s youtube videos to try to make
    themselves feel better. To all the haters, you don’t like what he does or
    how he does it? DON’T WATCH!! Don’t ruin it for the people that do. Selfish


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