32 comments to “2 Important Announcement !!!”
  1. I love your English!!! I’m trying to teach myself a new language and
    pronouncing different words is hard….so to anyone who criticizes his
    English…Try to learn a new language that has very different
    pronunciations from your own and then try judging him!

  2. See man I told you that you speak good English … Keep it up … Don’t let
    them stupid HATERS get you down … By the way my real name is Michael

  3. Right after I heard “yes oh maw gawsh” in both of his videos, I wanted to
    see too. My friend is sitting next to me and i’m like “OMG THEY CAME HERE

  4. Well i am fluent in English and Spanish I know how hard it is to learn
    English and he is doing extremely well. I was raised in the U.S
    sooo….like I said before I can understand him just fine so fuck dem hatrz

  5. Translate: “Today, I have two announcements. First, I put up a new video, I
    made, I listened to the major youtube song video (not sure what this means)
    and the video will be up soon. My brother composes the song, and I
    beatboxed to it. I also had some the opportunity to have some YouTube stars
    in this video (I think that’s what he meants), I directed this project, and
    I am excited that this is finally ready. The video will look a bit
    different, but it is what I have been making so far. But I hope you guys
    will like it. So please look forward to it. Second announcement, is that I
    will be in Berlin, Germany, from March 26th, to to April 2nd, to go see the
    World Beatbox Championship. No, I will not be in the competition, but I
    will be able to watch and have a good time. I am really excited to meet
    beatboxers from all over the world. So if you are coming to the
    competition, find me. See you in Berlin!” Translated by ear so forgive me
    if I got something wrong or if it doesn’t make sense.


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