30 comments to “森永-人気店の番外スイーツ-コーヒープリン”
  1. @coldfyre18 Every video someone feels the need to post this exact
    comment… We get it, you guys don’t speak Japanese.

  2. @Raansu Dude, I didn’t even know that all his other videos had the same
    type of comment. I apologise for the (apparently dumb) comment 😛

  3. Where do you buy those transparent little spoons?? You use them in every
    video!! 🙂 They’re wonderful..!! And yes… that youghurt is really really

  4. funny how he always seaces to amaze me how he always puts stuff close to
    the screen in a angle were the stuff would for anyone fall out but barely
    doesint for him

  5. pinkシャツのボタンの開け具合が じゃすとみーと!HIKAKINさん センスいい!


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