31 comments to “ミルミル”
  1. with my Asset level 1 Japanese… I manage to catch the words…”これで九十五円,
    高い” lol Thats like 80 Pennies? That’s kinda cheap i woulda thought lol

  2. ヒカキンてさぁーwwミルミルがあまり好きじゃないんだけど、ヒカキンは「あぁ~」ってねwwww!1:41までwww!メッチャ可愛い!^Д^;;

  3. I see only Americans watch these videos since they like to use the word
    “orgasm”. The Japanese don’t talk about sexistic things. The only things
    they do is apply it in ecchi animes, manga and hentai. XD


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