30 comments to “ストロベリー杏仁豆腐”
  1. @rmdp3 the Japanese language is consistent of characters that when
    pronounced sound like a consonant followed by a vowel.the letter ‘K’ would
    be ka ki ku ke and ko. there is no ‘L’ but there is an r. so the way they
    would say ‘l’ would be “E-ru” and cool would be “ku-ru” alphabet would be
    “a-ru-fa-be-to” there literally is no way to have a consonant by itself,
    unless its double consonant; like in the phrase “yukkuri shiteitte ne”,
    which means take it easy.

  2. Japanese is such an awesoem language… I got a learning disc for
    christmas~ can’t wait to get started 😀

  3. @llcooljguy cause those are actual japanese people writing on japanese
    computers in japan. unless you use a translator you cant get those symbols.

  4. @llcooljguy The person who responded to you doesn’t know squat. Go to the
    control panel. Change input method. Set Lang. Add Japanese, Chinese,
    Spanish, etc.


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