30 comments to “グリコ – スポロンウォーター”
  1. 幼い頃は小さなサイズしかなく、もの足りない感じでしたが 大きなサイズが出てるとは知りませんでした。 早速コンビニで探してみます。

  2. my translation application says ” Equipment case and I was off the sound
    and I always get 100% to allow your glue. ” lol

  3. I don’t know japanese(that’s what I think it is) but this song has a great
    tune going on I love it.

  4. @xXDeaTHDevilXx There is no deep meaning in having turned the middle finger
    to that. Since an index finger was not able to be used, the middle finger
    was only used instead.

  5. kamoshirenai… yappa kono kanji… ok? カルピス no aji? I love it!!! hmmm only
    77? Maybe not then…lol


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