30 comments to “『myIsh Promo』Hikakin and Nonstop – Beatbox and Dance Collaboration”
  1. nah, hell naw dude. i am asian too… and i am indonesian, and our skin is
    kinda black (check papua nugini) so i am asian and black just like a panda.

  2. Sorry i don’t know, i am indonesian i don’t know this is racist.. thank you
    i will not say “BL*CK” anymore ;x

  3. ehm it might be rasist in your eyes but im black and i don’t want to be
    called african american. 1. im not african 2. im not american 3. i’m darker
    then white people so i’m more ”black” so i prefer to be called black
    please don’t talk for all off us since there are also black people outside
    of america also atleast he didn’t say nigger i take WAY more offense to
    that word then black becuase face it my skin is more ”black” then white
    people or asians

  4. it isn’t rasist in most people’s eyes he’s just a cry baby atleast you
    didn’t use the word ”nigger” just keep saying black if you want. ps: i’m

  5. Yeah your Right.. Im not in general trying to call his racist because im
    almost positive he’s not im just saying say black just is not… Nevermind
    .. People can be called what every they want to, it’s their choice.

  6. thx you, i am kinda blind to american urban idioms… so many offensive
    words.. ok i love the way you think.


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